Individual Eggs

- The 1906 Kremlin Egg
- The 1907 Yusupov Egg
- The 1890 Danish Palaces Egg

The 1906 Kremlin Egg
December 30; 2008. This topic started discussing the Timeline. I came with the suggestion the Kremlin Egg was a clock egg too, but Alex Mogilevski contradicts:

As far as the Kremlin Egg is concerned, I have to register my objection. This egg is definitely not a clock! It is a wonderful musical box, but what you see on the Spasskie Towers is only a replica of actual chiming clocks (KURANTI in Russian). This information is coming from Tatiana Muntian who is a keeper of Faberge objects in the Armory. Actually, in all Russian sources (published by those who actually dealt with this egg) nothing is said about possibility of 2 mechanisms - there is only one mechanism for the musical box. There is also only one key.


Alex, I believe you on your word, but I found in my books for this Egg that it had a "musical clockwork mechanism. The melody of the traditional hymn "Ijey Cheruvime" is played when a button at the back of the Egg is pressed. The clockwork mechanism is wound by a gold key 2,5 inches long".

The hands of the clocks are real hands and the clocks chimed ... How can the clocks chime when there is no clockwork? Could Fabergé really have put little clocks on this egg that did not work?

To be continued...

January 5, 2009 Alex convinced me that technically it must have been impossible to have two simultaniously working clocks on the Egg, besides the musical mechanism. I have posted "the question" in the guestbook of the Kremlin Museum website. If ever I get an answer, I will let you know!

And oh wonder, I have my answer:

Kremlin Website guestbook

So, Alex you were right!


The 1890 Danish Palaces Egg
Christian Steener Eriksen from Denmark - November 2008:

To the 1890 - The Danish Palace Egg - I'm quite puzzled because one of the panels in the surprise is said to be a picture of Hvidøre - I  myself can't see whether this is actually the case. But Dagmar and  Alexandra first bought Hvidøre in 1906 after their father Chr. IX's  death and I just can't figure out WHY there should be a miniature of a  building that Dagmar at the time had nothing to do with...??? Do you have an explanation for this?

Christian and I worked together on this interesting question. The results of what we found you can read here!

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