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September 16. 1895 Rosebud Egg and Lapis Lazuli Egg updated. It is all about the surprise!

April 4. Happy Easter to all and everyone!

Fijne Paasdagen - Happy Easter

April 1 - 2. Exhibitions updated. Huge exhibition planned for November 2021 in London!

Febr. 4 - 15. 1904 page updated.

January 30. Exhibitions updated, and page made for 1904 egg.

January 2, updated my page on the 1913 Winter Egg with new photo and a little more info.

Happy 2021 to all! 2020 was a difficult and bad year to many, so let's hope 2021 will be a better year!


October 19. New photo of 1900 Trans-Siberian Railway Egg with the little train inside the Egg.

Another link added to 1902 Egg page.

July 17. New link added 1902 Egg page.

July 16. Due to the worldwide pandemic, nothing much is happening "Egg-wise". Many museums are closed and exhibitions postponed or cancelled. Check Exhibitions for news.

July 16. Page of 1902 egg, links added to articles.

April 12, Easter 2020. With Fabergé's Resurrection Egg, I wish you all a Blessed Easter, Hope, Peace and Good Health. Stay safe all!

February 15. Updated "Fabergé in the 21 century"with respect to the death of Tatiana Fabergé.

January 12, 2020. Updated "Empress Alexandra's Easter Eggs in the Winter Palace page" with much better photo of her Fabergé vitrine.

Happy New Year to you all!


December 14. 1888 Missing Cherub with Chariot Egg updated with image of what the Egg could look like.

December 13. New image of the 1916 Order of Saint George Egg.

December 12. 1907 Yusupov Egg updated with photo of the clockwork meganism.

December 7. Up and running again. Updated the 1902 Clover Leaf Egg, more info on the surprise.

August 17. 1901 Flower Basket Egg, updated again.

August 17. Missing Empire Nephrite Egg updated.

August 7. Updated 1901 Flower Basket Egg, new info.

July 29. 1910 Colonnade Egg updated with new info and photos.

July 11. 1898 Lily of the Valley Egg updated with new info.

Januari 31. Early Exhibitions the 1989 San Diego - Fabergé: The Imperial Eggs - Фаберже: Императорские яйца, most ever Imprial Eggs exhibited after the fall of the Romanov Empire.

Januari 11. Added a page plugin so that now you can directly see on this website what was posted on my Facebook Page. Click here to see for yourself!

Januari 11. Exhibitions updated.

Januari 5. Checking links sitewide. Lot of links no longer valid. Where possible I searched for new links. Old no longer working links I left in for verification purposes.

Januari 3. Egg list updated. 1885 First Hen Egg updated.

Januari 1. Happy New Year! Best wishes to all Egg enthousiasts! Of course we all want a missing Egg to be found in this new year, but even a missing surprise or other little discovery is welcome!

The past year I posted quite some images on the Facebook page of this website. Posting there is a whole lot easier than on this website, but stay tuned, the new images are coming here too!

Happy New Year with Mieks Faberge's Imperial Easter Eggs!



December 25. Season's Greetings to everyone and the very best wishes for the New Year!

Season's Greetings - Fijne Feestdagen 2018

New images showing details of the locomotive of the 1900 Trans-Siberian Railway Egg and of the base of the 1913 Romanov Tercentenary Egg.

November 28. 1917 Blue Constellation Egg. New image.

November 13. Blue Enamel Ribbed Egg, page updated with new link to Hermitage.

July 7. 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle updated with info about the Panorama Transsiberien: Two different moving panoramas — a populair display technique of the 1900s— provided an impression of the journey through the Urals, Siberia and Manchuria. One of them was more an attraction than a work of art. The other panorama formed the longest painting in the world.

July 6. 1907 Yusupov Egg updated. Photo. 1901 Basket of Flowers Egg, updated, more info.

June 24. Exhibitions updated. 1895 Blue Serpent Egg and 1907 Yusupov Egg on view in the United States! (Courtesy Nancy, CA)

June 14. Updated 1902 Empire Nephrite Egg.

June 8. New Images; 1896 12 Monogram Egg and 1902 Clover Leaf Egg.

May 15. Exhibitions updated. 1914 Catherine the Great Egg, new image.

April 3. 1907 Yusupov Egg updated

April 1. 1908 Alexanderpalace Egg updated

March 31. Happy Easter to you all! Updating several Egg pages with beautiful new photos. More in the coming days. (Most images already posted on my Facebook page!)

1911 15th Anniversay Egg updated
1906 Moscow Kremlin Egg updated

January 24. Page 1903 Danish Jubilee Egg updated with a photo of a replica that is going around on the net.

Happy New Year to all! Let's hope 2018 will be the year one of the missing Eggs or surprises is found! The 1889 Nécessaire Egg is a good candidate and there are lots of missing surprises to be found too.


December 30. Another discovery! A real good picture of the 1889 Imperial Nécessaire Egg! Read all about in on the Egg page!

November 6. Another discovery? Judge for yourself if this could be the 1902 Clover Leaf Surprise!

October 31. 1907 Cradle with Garlands Egg updated.

October 30. Has the surprise from the 1907 Rose Trellis Egg just been identified? I think yes! Read all on this discovery on this page!

July 15. New! Fabergé Eggs at the 1902 Von Dervis Exhibition. All Eggs exhibited there, updated too.

May 31. Updated Stamps. A little more info on the re-issued Finland 1988 Agathon Fabergé stamp set.

May 29. 1910 Alexander III Equestrian Egg updated, new photo and info rewritten.

April 30. Early Exhibits Hammer updated with the name of the lady on the photo.

April 28. 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures updated. New images. Idem for 1890 Danish Palaces Egg, 1894 Renaissance Egg, 1912 Napoleonic Egg and 1914 Catherine the Great Egg.

April 25. 1898 Pelican Egg updated. New historical photograph proves etc. 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures updated with new finds, and same Egg, story about the Miniatures updated with new info too.

March 8. 1892 Diamond Trellis Egg updated with first photograph of the Egg together with the little elephant!

March 7. Exhibitions updated with news about the Elephant and Diamond Trellis Egg reunion!

March 31. My page about the 1900 Exposition Universelle corrected and expanded.

March 30. My page about Fauxbergé updated. I was summoned by a lawyer to remove an image of FAKE eggs. My initial reaction was to reject but I decided it was not worth fighting for, for me. I have enough info left to teach people about the bad and the real stuff. So, with less images of fakes, still the same warning: people beware of fakes and wannabees!

March 7. Exhibitions updated.

March 6. 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures, Miniature identification updated, again!

February 10. Early Exhibitions. The 1900 Paris Exhibition Universelle.

February 9. 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures, Miniature identification updated, again! Such a nice story!

January 18. 1906 Swan Egg and 1908 Peacock Egg updated. There are now YouTube movies available for these two Eggs where you can see the swan and peacock move! (See movie index page too)

January 16. 1907 Rose Trellis Egg updated with new images!


December 31. Happy New Year's Eve with the beautiful 1899 Madonna Lily Clock Egg!

1899 Fabergé Easter Egg

December 24, A merry Christmas to you all!

Merry Christmas!
December 14. New page "Early Exhibitions". The 1937 Hammer exhibition of Fabergé his Works in New York, US.

October 25. 1902 Kelch Rocaille Egg updated. Beautiful new photo of the miniature.

October 23. VMFA new installation of its five Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs is now open again! Read all about the new VMFA app and the beautiful other new features the museum has in store for you! Info also on the five VMFA Egg pages!

October 16. 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures, Miniatures info updated!

October 13. 1900 Trans-Siberian Railway Egg updated with a Google Doodle, photos and info!

October 5. Exhibitions updated. The rarely exhibited 1895 Blue Serpent Clock Egg on view in Moscow!

September 29. 1912 Tsarevich Egg updated, correction.

September 14. 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures updated. More info and photos on the last miniature!

September 5. About me and 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures updated. And what a story that last miniature tells!

August 23. Categories expanded. New are Eggs per Empress and Eggs per Year!

August 22. Exhibitions and 1908 Peacock Egg updated.

August 17. 1896 Egg with Revolving Miniatures updated.

July 6. 1901 Gatchina Palace Egg, info corrected.

June 20. The Eggs - Alexandra Feodorovna's Imperial Easter Eggs - The Maple Room Corner Cabinet

June 1. Updated Stamps. I now have my own Fabergé Egg stamps!

May 30. Happy birthday Mr. Fabergé! Today it is exactly 170 years ago that Karl Fabergé was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia!

May 29. Google Search box added on Sitemap.

May 28. YouTube page updated with 1901 Basket of Flowers Egg (Vimeo).

May 28. 1902 Empire Nephrite Egg updated. Missing Eggs updated.

May 25. 1914 Catherine the Great Egg updated.

May 24. 1912 Tsarevich Egg updated.

May 15. Peter the Great Egg updated.

May 12. YouTube page updated with many new movies!

May 8. So far, so good. Most pages up and running again and several pages updated with new info. Coins and Stamps updated.

April 2016

To make a long story short, we, the Eggs and I, moved! Full speed ahead now. Some links probably will not work but all should be ok in a couple of weeks.


Happy New Year! First thing in the new year is to update the page with Fabergé Eggs on stamps! I had it pending for quite some time. Courtesy Claudia from Germany!

December 21. Exhibitions updated.

October 20. 1892 Diamond Trellis Egg updated with more articles about the find.

October 14. Many pages updated in relation to the find of the original surprise to the 1892 Diamond Trellis Egg!

October 2015. Amazing News! The lost surprise of the 1892 Diamond Trellis Egg has been found! More later today!

July 26, 1893 Caucasus Egg, the Miniatures Explained! Finally, all there is to the four miniatures and non of them is a hunting lodge!

June 5, 1917 Blue Constellation Egg updated with an article by my Fabergé friend Juan F. Deniz: The Blue Constellation Egg and the Golden Age of Pictorial Star Atlases.

May 31. 1892 Diamond Trellis Egg updated. 1910 Colonnade Egg updated. 1915 Mosaic Egg updated.


February 2015. Updated several pages: the 1887 Third Imperial Egg, the "Clock Eggs", the 1896 Alexander III Monogram Egg, the 1909 Standart Egg and the 1912 Tsarevich Egg. Working on "The 1893 Caucasus Egg - The Miniatures Explained" so come back soon!!

Happy New Year 2015

A very happy new year to you all!

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Updated: September 16, 2021