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Imperial Easter Eggs are those Eggs presented by Tsar Alexander III and Tsar Nicholas II, to the Tsarinas Maria Feodorovna (MF) and Alexandra Feodorovna (AF)

Kremlin Armoury Museum, Moscow, Russia
(Website: Moscow Kremlin Collection)

Azov EggMadonna Lily EggTrans-siberian Railway EggClover EggMoscow Kremlin EggAlexanderpalace EggStandart EggAlexander III equestrian EggTercentenary EggSteel Military Egg

1891 Memory of Azov Egg- MF
1899 Madonna Lily - AF
1900 Trans-Siberian Railway Egg- AF
1902 Clover Egg- AF
1906 Moscow Kremlin Egg- AF
1908 Alexander Palace Egg- AF
1909 Standart Egg - AF
1910 Alexander III Equestrian Egg- MF
1913 Romanov Tercentenary Egg- AF
1916 Steel Military Egg - AF

The Link of Times Cultural and Historical Foundation
(The Svyaz’ Vremyon Fund)
Owner: Viktor Vekselberg

Museum Fabergé - Former Shuvalov Palace, 21 Fontanka Embankment, Saint Petersburg, Russia

First hen EggRenaissance EggRosebud EggMauve EggCoronation Egglilies of the valley EggCuckoo Clock EggBay Tree Egg15th Anniversary EggSaint George Egg

1885 Hen Egg- MF
1894 Renaissance Egg - MF
1895 Rosebud Egg- AF
1897 Surprise from missing Mauve Egg- MF
1897 Coronation Egg- AF
1898 Lilies of the Valley Egg- AF
1900 Cockerel/Cuckoo Clock Egg - MF
1911 Bay Tree Egg - MF
1911 15th Anniversary Egg - AF
1916 Order of St. George Egg - MF

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Richmond, USA. Bequest of Lillian Thomas Pratt

(Website: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)

Egg with revolving miniaturesPelican EggPeter the great EggTsarevich EggRed Cross Portraits Egg

1896 Revolving Miniatures Egg- AF
1898 Pelican Egg- MF
1903 Peter the Great Egg- AF
1912 Tsarevich Egg- AF
1915 Red Cross Portraits Egg - MF

The Matilda Geddings Gray Foundation
November 22, 2011 – November 2021 - Long-term Installation in New York Metroplolitan Museum of Art (Expanded date!)
Read more!

Danish Palaces EggCaucasus EggNapoleonic Egg

1890 Danish Palaces Egg- MF
1893 Caucasus Egg- MF
1912 Napoleonic Egg- MF

The Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, London, Great Britain
(Website: The Royal Collection)

Basket of Wild Flowers EggColonnade EggMosaic Egg

1901 Flower Basket Egg- AF
1910 Colonnade Egg- AF
1914 Mosaic Egg- AF
1892 Surprise Diamond Trellis Egg - MF

The Edouard and Maurice Sandoz Foundation, Lausanne-Pully, Switzerland
(Website: http://www.fems.ch/en/site/mysandoz/collection)

Peacock Egg

1906 Swan Egg - MF
1908 Peacock Egg - MF

The Marjorie Merriweather Post Collection
at Hillwood Museum & Gardens, Washington, DC, USA

(Website: Hillwood Museum)

12 Monogram EggCatherine the Great Egg

1896 Twelve Monogram Egg/Alexander III Portraits Egg- MF
1914 Catherine the Great Egg- MF

The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(Website: The Walters Art Museum)

Gatchina Palace EggRose Trellis Egg

1901 Gatchina Palace Egg- MF
1907 Rose Trellis Egg - AF

The India Early Minshall Collection
Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

(Website: The Cleveland Museum of Art)

Red Cross Triptych Egg

1915 Red Cross Triptych Egg- AF

HIS Prince Albert II of Monaco

Blue Serpent Clock Egg

1895 Blue Serpent Clock Egg- MF

The McFerrin Collection
Houston Museum of Natural Science
(Website: http://www.hmns.org/exhibits/special-exhibitions/faberge-royal-gifts/

Diamond Trellis Egg

1892 Diamond Trellis Egg- MF

Private Collections

Third Imperial Easter Egg Pansy EggLove Trophies EggWinter Egg

  1887 Third Imperial Egg - MF Private Collection ?
Mrs. Harold Stream, USA
Private Collection, USA
Private Collection ?


Missing Imperial Easter Eggs - All MF

Hen Egg with Sapphire Pendant
Cherub Egg with Chariot
Nécessaire Egg
Mauve Enamel Egg (surprise in Link of Times Collection)
Empire Nephrite Egg/Alexander III Medallion Egg
Royal Danish Egg
Alexander III Commemorative Egg

Two Eggs (1917) were not presented to one of the Tsarinas due to the Revolution

Fersman Mineralogical Museum, Moscow, Russia
(Website: Fersman Mineralogical Museum)

Blue Tsarevich Constellation Egg

1917 Blue Tsarevich Constellation Egg

Fabergé Museum Baden-Baden, Germany
(Website: http://www.faberge-museum.de/index.php)

Birch Egg

1917 (Karelian) Birch Egg


The Kelch Eggs
(The Kelch Eggs are considered by Fabergé scholars as being of "Imperial Quality")

Kelch Hen Egg12 Panel EggPine Cone EggAppleblossom EggRocaille Egg1903 Bonbonniere EggChanticleer Egg

The Link of Times Collection, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Collection HM Queen Elizabeth II, London, UK
Estate of Joan Kroc USA
Adulf Peter Goop Collection Liechtenstein Schatzkammer
The McFerrin Collection, Houston, USA
Private Collection Australia
The Link of Times Collection, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Other Eggs ("Imperial Quality")

Duchess of Marlborough EggNobel Ice EggThe Sandoz Youssoupov EggThe Rotschild Fabergé EggResurrection Egg

The Link of Times Collection, Saint Petersburg, Russia
The McFerrin Collection, Houston, USA
The Edouard and Maurice Sandoz Foundation, Switzerland
The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
The Link of Times Collection, Saint Petersburg, Russia


A quick count: 19 Imperial Eggs are in Russia, 16 in the USA, 6 in Europe, 2 unknown, 7 missing. 50 (presented) Imperial Eggs in total.

A note. In case you want to visit museums to admire their Fabergé Eggs, please check on them before you go! Eggs travel the world in exhibitions and Mieks may not always be the first to know smile


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