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The Eggs with Palaces

Two Eggs have a Palace as surprise; the 1901 Gatchina Palace Egg and the1908 Alexander Palace Egg:

Gatchina Palace Egg Alexanderpalace Egg

August 2016.

About the Gatchina Palace Egg. My sources were conflicting on the palace being removable like the palace in the Alexander Palace Egg, or not and being fixed to the Egg shell. Emailing Walters Art did not help as nobody cared to answer my email.

But hurray, I recently found a second and a third source telling me that the palace could be lifted from the Egg showing a velvet lined space to conceal a jewel or other small item. So problem solved! Fabergé made both Eggs with removable palaces!


Eggs with ships

And there are two Eggs with ships; the 1891 Memory of Azov Egg and the 1909 Standart Yacht Egg:

Azov EggStandart Egg

There are quite a few Eggs with miniature paintings and Eggs with flowers there are many!

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