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After the news of the existence of the Fabergé Rothschild Egg became public in late 2007, I had to rearrange the Eggs on my website. Though the Rothschild Egg is not an Imperial Egg, it is an Egg of "Imperial quality" according to the experts, and it deserved a place among the other famous Eggs.

I divided the Eggs into the categories Imperial (those Eggs presented to the Tsarinas Maria Feodorovna and Alexandra Feodorovna) and Eggs of "Imperial Quality" (the Eggs made for the Kelchs, the Youssoupovs, Dr. Nobel, the Duchess of Marlborough and the Rothschild family, and the two eggs probably made for the Imperial Family, the Resurrection Egg and the Spring Flowers Egg).

The seven Kelch Eggs are enumerated as a separate category, the Kelch Eggs.

Eggs not clearly in one of the above categories are in Other Eggs. (See list of Eggs)

Special Categories

After rearranging the Eggs, spontaneously "sub-categories" emerged; the "Look-Alike" Eggs (Eggs that "look-alike" in one way or another), the Clock Eggs, the Eggs with Automatons and the Eggs with (Singing) Birds.

It is not unthinkable that more sub-categories will be added in the future ... smile

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