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Barbie Fabergé Imperial Grace
Christmas ornament
Green Hippo
Princess Grace de Monaco Perfume by Fabergé
BARBIE box, Pansy Egg Christmas ornament, Hippo by the Walters Art Museum, and Princess Grace de Monaco Perfume by Fabergé. The name Fabergé is alive in the 21st century!

Inspired by Fabergé - The Vivian Alexander™ Forbes Collection

A special page is dedicated to the Vivian Alexander™ Forbes Collection, as the association between Vivian Alexander™ and The Forbes Magazine Collection in New York City is quite unique. It began in 1998 and they were trendsetter in modern reproductions. No other original Fabergé collection before had allowed copying their objects!

The Forbes Collection by Vivian Alexander

Under a licensing agreement with the owners of the former Forbes Magazine Collection, selected Fabergé Eggs were designed and replicated as the "Forbes Collection". They are made of exquisite materials with utmost precision and they are very beautiful too.

Alexander Caldwell, president of Vivian Alexander™, was privileged to observe, measure, and photograph these historic objets of art. Alexander, accompanied by his top Vivian Alexander™ modelers and sculptors, visited the Forbes Gallery in New York expressly to gain the knowledge to replicate these beauties in exact detail. The group was afforded a private viewing room and the assistance of the Forbes curator to carry out their enviable labours. The final works of art were presented to the Forbes family for their inspection and evaluation. After approval the first Vivian Alexander™ replicas were given to the Forbes Collection. The photograph below was taken to commemorate the achievement.

This historic picture is the only image ever taken of the Original Fabergé Imperial Coronation Egg and a replica. The other similarly distinguished eggs are the Imperial Lilies of the Valley Egg.

Pictured right is Christopher "Kip" Forbes with the two original Fabergé Eggs. Left Alexander Caldwell of Vivian Alexander™.

For more information on the Vivian Alexander™ Forbes Collection, click here.

Below the Vivian Alexander™ Imperial Coronation Egg that was shipped to Rome and used in the filming of the 2004 Warner Bros. Movie Ocean's 12. Picture taken in Warner Bros. Studio on the set for Ocean's 12.

detail detail
Imperial Coronation Egg by Vivian Alexander™ with detail. Click images to read more.

Octopussy movie poster
This was the second time a "Fabergé Egg" featured in a major movie. The other movie was the 1983 James Bond movie Octopussy featuring Roger Moore as James Bond 007.

Left Octopussy Movie Poster, right the movie-egg.

Octopussy movie egg

Since 1986, Vivian Tullos and Alexander Caldwell had been decorating eggs as a hobby. In 1991 while attending a Mardi Gras ball with Vivian, Alexander noticed the purses being carried by women were more like ugly stepsisters to their beautiful ball gowns. Because of his hobby of egg-decorating Alex was familiar with design capabilities and visualized a jeweled egg as a more elegant evening bag than what he saw. On a bar napkin he drew a picture of the first Vivian Alexander "egg purse" and created it that wintry weekend in Louisiana.

Egg purse Creation by Vivian Alexander
Eggs by Vivian Alexander™

The works of Russian jeweler, Peter Karl Fabergé, inspires Vivian Alexander™s original creations but have a distinct recognizable look and feel. Vivian Alexander™ designs are numbered in limited editions, copyrighted, patented and exclusive to Vivian Alexander™. Click the images or click here to go to their website.

Egg purses, pillboxes and other whimsicals by Vivian Alexander™

All Vivian Alexander™ images courtesy Alexander Caldwell.



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