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Fabergé style
Fabergé style
Fabergé style Fabergé style
Fabergé style picture frame, Fabergé style wine stopper, egg holders and an egg with a little rabbit. The name Fabergé is definitively alive in the 21st century!

The Fabergé Style

Beautiful things are always copied, this is particularly true for the Fabergé Eggs. Eggs in the style of Fabergé are available in all sorts and colours, some more beautiful than the others. Some cost about ten Euros, others more than a thousand. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and tastes differ. But be aware that one can never buy a real original old Fabergé Egg through Internet! If you do want to buy real Fabergé, go to a well-known and distinguished dealer and read this article!

Fabergé style eggs Fabergé style egg Fabergé style
Eggs in different colours and prices.

There are many, many examples of "Fabergé style". On this page I gathered a variety of objects sold worldwide. All images are linked to their respective websites. Below are the gifts sold in The State Hermitage Museum Online Shop. They include eggs, jewellery, clocks, etc.

Fabergé Style Gifts

Click the above image to visit the museum shop and see more Fabergé style articles. Pictured below two items from the museum shop.

Drinking vessel

Fabergé style

This miniature drinking vessel is reminiscent of the products of the Fabergé company or some of the great jeweler's contemporaries. It reflects the fashion in the second half of the 19th century for the use of natural motifs in artistic metal items. Exquisite articles like this adorned the daily lives of people of that era and make an excellent gift for our own times.

(images © The State Hermitage Museum)

Fabergé style

This candlestick is reminiscent of products of the celebrated Fabergé company. It combines elegant form with decoration in the style of Louis XVI. The company developed its own distinctive idiom based on historical styles enriched by Russian feeling, as well as refined taste and virtuoso execution. A Russian note is introduced into the decoration by bright malachite applied in the Russian mosaic technique.


candle stick
Fabergé Twelve Monogram Egg Glass Ornament Catherine the Great Egg Glass Ornament
Glass ornaments from the Hillwood Museum gift shop
Have a drink
have your cake
eat your candy
Today you can eat your egg, have a drink, or two, have a cake and eat candy, all in "Fabergé style".

There are many, many more examples of "Fabergé style" articles. They can be fun, sometimes they are fun, and as long as you know what you are buying, there is nothing wrong with it.

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Miniature Fabergé Easter Eggs

Well, and where am I going to put the little real Fabergé Pendant Eggs? I just put an artice on Facebook that I would like to put on this site too...

The little pendant eggs of course are no Imperial Easter Eggs, but they are eggs and as egg-person, I have to tell you! There are still many genuine miniature Fabergé eggs around and auction houses quite frequently prsent them.

In case you are interested in these eggs, and think about collecting them, the next article is for you: http://www.jasper52.com/blog/a-beginners-guide-to-collecting-faberge-pendant-eggs/ written by Karen Kettering, Vice President at John Atzbach Antiques in Redmond, Washington. December 2016


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